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Excerpt from article by Peter White, Faultline Online Reporter, dated 25 October 2018, published by ReThink Technology Research.  For complete article, see link

…Another subject we bumped into at BBWF was the idea of mapping broadband operator capex into the real world. This came from Indian network outsourcing group Velankani. The new service is called simply NOCPlan, and CEO Raj Singh told us he has just won the first customer in Windstream Communications, the $6 billion US telco.

“We enter in the boundaries of a particular exchange, put in the roads, the existing networks, each piece of equipment that has been approved and what it costs, and how much it costs to install, into a database. But this database can then be asked questions like “How many broadband lines could we install for less than $500,” or how many DSL connections can be upgrade for under $500?” The system showed how improving DSL compared to did not always result in a greater number of cheaper connections.

“We use machine learning to decide where to place key pieces of kit, and we know how long lines are and what the performance would be on that line, the price for buying it and the labor it will take to provision it.” Singh is building here on prior products in service orchestration which flow through order management, resources management, billing, and service provisioning, which he has also been successful with selling, to companies like CenturyLink.

“The output from the NOCPlan can be any of Bill of Materials, Construction cost report, a Google Earth style plan map using KML, or .SHP files for geographical information systems, and a financial analysis and comparative financials between multiple NOCPlans.”

“At Windstream they said they could plan an upgrade in 1 year with 40 staff, we did it in 5.5 months with a team of 7.”…

About Velankani
Velankani has provided solutions for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers for over 25 years. Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc., delivers carrier-grade solutions that are deployed in large networks and then upgraded through multiple releases. We understand real network behaviors and possess the subject matter expertise needed to make the correct technology, design and tool choices. For further information, visit us at

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