The Role of Adapters in Simplifying Network Control and Operations


JULY, 2017



Many service providers have grown through mergers and acquisitions, as well as having expanded their networks with varieties of OEM equipment. The operational complexity faced by them has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Simply taking inventory in a network can be a frustrating, time consuming ,expensive, and error prone process. So much so, that in some cases by the time the inventory has been completed and verified, it has changed as new elements are put in and others taken out.

Without the right discovery approach in place, without a software-based, automated assessment tool, operations will never be streamlined, as the larger the network grows, the riskier the situation becomes.

Adapters attached to unified discovery engines enable operations teams to connect with every network element, regardless of the vendor, make or model, the version or the variable. Once those adapters are in place and running smoothly, the discovery engine moves data up into a service oriented architecture model delivering a “unified view” of the topology.

Inventorying and managing network elements is generally done by performing an IP sweep, automatically discovering devices present in an entire network or portion of a network. Using ICMP, SNMP, WMI and Telnet, intelligent discovery engines can track down the broadest array of SNMP-enabled and even non-SNMP devices.

Intelligent discovery engines pick up data and store that data, and update that data (device type, vendor, name, operating system, services, configuration, security, policy and more).

Intelligent discovery engines “play well with others,” and move that data cleanly into monitoring and management systems.

Velankani has a strong discovery engine with multiple off the shelf adapters available to discover the physical and logical inventory of the network. The discovery engine has been designed to work with any OSS solution looking to have a real time view into the resource inventory of the network.

The true strength of the discovery engine is the vendor and technology agnostic resource model. This helps in developing off the shelf adapters, which may be deployed at multiple telecom service provider environments.

Our OSS Vendor Interface layer allows the discovery engine to be plugged into any OSS product. This flexibility can help multiple OSS products get a view into the inventory of resources deployed, plugged in and powered on in the network be it OSS Inventories, Asset Management Systems, Service Assurance systems and more.

Here’s one illustration of the system:

Some of the salient features of our approach to discovery engine adapters is summarized below:

For more information on our Velankani’s NOCDiscovery and adapters, download our data sheet here.


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