Network Management

Network planning, engineering, development and ongoing management, end-to-end.

Network Operations Efficiency

Products and solutions that improve productivity while ensuring network quality.

SaaS Development

Network connectivity and communications applications software development, testing and implementation.

Telecom Systems Development

Customized development of telecom systems based on each customers’ specific needs.

Software-Defined Networking

Re-architecture of existing networks for more dynamic, manageable, cost-effective operations.

Product Development

Support for the development of new products, from vision to roll out, including product roadmap development and management.

Cloud Deployment

Support in selecting public clouds, building private clouds, setting up hybrid and multicloud environments.

Network Function Virtualization

Consulting, engineering, and implementation of virtualized network node functions.

Internet of Things

Machine to machine, industrial, and consumer solutions, connecting sensors to systems and cloud management platforms.


Our vision is the simplification and unification of network management interfaces. This is achieved with the help of our expert staff working with a range of customers, and through our products like NOCVue™,QuickChassis™, NOCDiscovery™ and NOCPlan™.


We are committed to delivering an unmatched customer experience, based on the quality of our people and their work, the reliability of our solutions, and our consistent commitment to exceeding our customers’ needs..

For Velankani, “Every customer is a reference customer”.


Learn more about our services by clicking on any of them in the diagram below.

Type of Service

Network Management & Planning

Full service offering, including network strategy, design, vendor recommendations, vendor-agnostic management software, OSS/BSS, from physical to virtual and digital tools and training.

Network Virtualization & Cloud

Creation of logical, virtual networks that are decoupled from the underlying network hardware to ensure the network can better integrate with and support increasingly virtual environments, supporting cloud services.

Testing & Test Automation

Automated testing tools and services, executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs for highest levels of quality control.


NMS Development

Development and deployment of network management systems (NMS) supporting layered operations support system (OSS) architectures.

OSS Solutions

Software applications that support back-office activities which operate a telco’s network, provision and maintain customer services used by network planners, service designers, operations, architects, support, and engineering teams.

Discovery & Activation Adapter

Velankani’s Network Adapters read each network element and extract the physical and logical inventory, pulling the data into a single, network topology view.

Fibre Planning (FTTx)

We produce customized network designs with cost information based upon business priorities and policies, and delivers comparative designs for communities that want to explore different speed and service scenarios.

Transport Planning

Full service offering including creation of high-level architecture guidelines to standard deployment guidelines and market-level deployment plans for transport networks.

Evolved Packet Core

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks, and transitioning of 2G and 3G network architectures to process and switch voice and data.


Development Operations through software-based delivery processes that emphasize communication and collaboration from concept to market, including product management, software development, and operations professional services.

OpenStack Orchestration

OpenStack Orchestration programs and services enabling human and machine-accessible services, including CDNs, for managing the entire lifecycle of infrastructure.

Workflow Automation

Streamlining and automating of manual and paper-based processes replacing inefficient, unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content.

Sandbox Deployment

Support of agile initiatives by creating sandboxes for developers to work in, including logging and other tools that reduce the risk of technical errors based on changes by multiple participants.


Experienced support across a wide variety of vendor equipment and software, including all major telecom business and mobile applications.

Framework Dev / Enhancement

Operating model framework for telecom service providers defining business processes, key elements and how those elements should interact and can be enhanced (based on TM Forum standards).

Test Automation Framework

Testbeds for carrying out the implementation of automation on a proven framework.


Product Application / Development

Product and application development including understanding the requirements of clients and technology constraints to design and build a product with the best possible feature sets cost efficiently.

Systems Integration

IT and engineering services joining different subsystems or components as one large system, ensuring that each integrated subsystem functions as required.


An adaptive suite of IT infrastructure support services helping companies create additional OPEX and CAPEX efficiencies; includes tech refresh, operational transition and extending lifecycles.

System Engineering

Design and management of complex systems, including requirements engineering, reliability, logistics, coordination of different teams, testing and evaluation, maintainability and many other disciplines.



A multitude of services to wireless carriers, from site management to carrier network development, systems engineering and management.


A multitude of services to wireline carriers, including maintenance and evolution of legacy systems, networks, facilities, and operating and billing systems.


Professional design, engineering and maintenance services for fiber optic network service providers, including fiber network design, planning, interconnection and more.


Access to a broad and experienced team of VoIP experts, including network designers, engineers, and product development professionals, ranging from hardware to software technology development, systems implementation and management.


IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) integrated network design for both wireless or landline service providers, with expertise in traditional telephony, fax, e-mail, Internet access, Web services, Voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging (IM), and video applications.


Internet of Things systems and application design, including sensor based networks across a variety of protocols (fixed, wireless, WiFi, bluetooth, narrow band, LoRaWAN and more.



Integrated telecom cloud design, engineering and management offering, allowing communications and IT services for private, public, hybrid and multicloud environments.


Open source development across various open source components used by carriers and enterprises supporting network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN).


Network function virtualization (NFV) architecture development leveraging technologies able to virtualize entire classes of network node functions into building blocks that connect to create communication services via software.

Enterprise Mobility

Support for developing secure, cost-efficient enterprise mobility solutions including BYOD, collaboration applications and real time communications services.



NOCVue™ is an industry leader among Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) products. NOCVue dramatically simplifies complexity by providing a unified management applications solution.

NOCVue Quick Chassis™

Using NOCVue Quick Chassis™ equipment manufacturers can quickly create WYSIWG user interfaces for network elements. QuickChassis provides customers with a real-time, easy-to-interpret visual display of element performance that can be easily integrated into service provider networks.


Velankani’s NETDiscovery™ Network Adapters read each network element and extract the physical and logical inventory, pulling the data into a single, network topology view. Our platform dramatically simplifies a process that has been traditionally complex and expensive.


Velankani’s NOCPlan™, powered by NDDI,produces customized network designs including cost information based upon user-chosen priorities. The NOCPlan solution allows organizations to deliver comparative designs exploring different speed, configuration and service scenarios.



Raj Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Raj has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, including work at Bell Labs, the Dataphone II business unit of AT&T and McGraw Hill, Inc. Raj joined Velankani in 1991 in a business development role. Under his leadership, Velankani has become a full-service consulting firm providing engineering and management services to telecom and data communications firms. In 2005, Raj Singh became President and CEO of Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. where he has lead the creation of several business models that are now becoming standard practices in the Industry. In 2011, Raj co-founded Network Design Decisions, Inc. to market FTTx network planning software to the telecom industry.

Ramu Bodathula

Director, Network Management Technology

Ramu is an EMS/NMS subject matter expert, with over 21 years’ experience in software architecture, design, development and deployment of EMS and NMS for various types of network elements. He joined Velankani in 2002 as a project manager and is currently responsible for architecting and managing NOCVue and QuickChassis. Ramu has lead teams to successfully complete critical system analysis and functional design of telecom applications and sub-components and managed technical resources through a formal SDLC methodology to meet aggressive schedules and budget limitations. He oversees RFPs, proposal generation, project estimating and statement of work for Velankani’s business development team. Previously, Ramu was employed by Varros Telecom, Wipro Technologies, DSQ Software, working for key customers such as Alcatel Lucent, Acme Packet, OKI Electric, Japan and Citibank, India.

Ray Krauchunas

Chief Financial Officer

Ray joined Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. following a 22-year career at AT&T and Lucent Technologies where his experience spanned field operations and engineering, strategic planning, and Operations Support System design, testing, deployment, integration, and support. At AT&T, Ray managed teams that defined AT&T’s Hybrid Fiber Coax architecture for telephone over cable and was lead planner on the development and deployment of AT&T’s Local Operating Systems. At Lucent, Ray was Managing Director of the System Integration Practice. Ray began his career in the telecommunications industry after serving in the U.S. Navy’s nuclear program.

Venkatesh Murthy

Executive Director, Engineering

Based in Bangalore, India, Venkatesh joined Velankani in 2003 as a technical manager and was promoted to Director of Engineering in 2005. He has worked for 16 years in the telecommunications and networking industry and extensive experience working with geographically distributed teams and customers in India, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Venkatesh has lead teams of up to 10 managers and senior managers and created teams ranging from 2 to 160 engineers to tackle complex embedded and network management implementations. His experience includes development, systems testing, test automation and web/general applications teams in multisite environments. Venkatesh also held technical positions at Celox Networks (USA), Tata Elxsi (India), DSQ Software and ABB India.

Stan Lumish

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Lumish has been a pioneering contributor to the field of optical fiber communications for over 30 years.  Early in his career, he held staff and management positions at AT&T and Lucent Bell Laboratories, where his work on the commercialization of advanced optical fiber network systems was recognized with the prestigious Bell Labs Fellow award.  Subsequently he held management and executive positions at JDS Uniphase including the Corporate CTO role.  He was CEO and board chairman of Pilot Photonics Ltd, an Irish laser startup, where he refocused their direction and set the stage for increased venture funding.  In the 2009 timeframe he worked for the US Department of Defense focused on economic development in Iraq and Afghanistan.  For his efforts, he was awarded the Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Dr Lumish has numerous publications, conference presentations and patents and is on the boards of two companies and one non-profit organization.


Raj Singh

CEO and President, Velankani Communications Technologies

Raj has more than 20 years’ experience in telecommunications, including work at Bell Labs, the Dataphone II business unit of AT&T and McGraw Hill, Inc. Raj joined Velankani in 1991 in a business development role. Under his leadership, Velankani has become a full-service consulting firm providing engineering and management services to telecom and data communications firms. In 2005, Raj Singh became President and CEO of Velankani Communications Technologies, Inc. where he has lead the creation of several business models that are now becoming standard practices in the Industry. In 2011, Raj co-founded Network Design Decisions, Inc. to market FTTx network planning software to the telecom industry.

Shankar Iyer

CEO, Viteos

Shankar founded Viteos to bring the hedge fund community a fund administration and middle office model that combined advanced technology with consultative client service. An entrepreneurial leader with over 21 years of international experience in business acquisition and development, he has operating experience in culturally and geographically diverse global markets. Prior to founding Viteos, Shankar was the President and CEO of Silverline Technologies, an IT services company. He successfully guided Silverline through its phases of organic and inorganic growth, managing the acquisition and delivery of services for Fortune 500 clients. He led Silverline to its listing on the NYSE as the first Indian IT services company to be listed on the big board.

Kolanda Reddy

President and CEO, Velankani Information Systems

Kolanda founded Velankani Information Systems in 1985 under the principal of providing the best and brightest consultants to the telecommunications market at a reasonable price. Kolanda has more than 20 years technical consulting expertise in telephony and financial applications. A former Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Kolanda was an early innovator of relational databases. He has extensive experience in database architectural design, implementations and conversions. Kolanda holds two Master’s degrees, one in Computer Science from Queens College, College University of New York, and the other in Operations Research from Osmania University in India.

Tito Sharma

President and CEO, VPI Systems

Tito has 15 years of communications industry experience. Prior to joining VPI Systems, he served as Chief Financial Officer of Lemur Networks, an OSS company in the CATV market. Before joining Lemur Networks, Tito was Chief Financial Officer of Aplion Networks in Edison, NJ, a software and hardware vendor of converged data, voice and video services. He was also a founder and the Director of Business Strategy for Coreon, a start-up in the OSS space for communications carriers. Previously, he held multiple positions in AT&T Corporate Development and Finance in the U.S. and in Asia, where he performed financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate development. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from SUNY and a Master of Business Administration from Syracuse University.


Srinath Sarang

Co-founder, Meru Networks

Mr. Srinath Sarang was a Co-Founder of Meru Networks, Inc. (Acquired by Fortinet) where he served as its General Manager of Hospitality & Entertainment. Mr. Sarang served as a Vice President of Product Management for Meru Networks, Inc. He joined Meru Networks from Bytemobile Inc (Acquired by Citrix)., where he served as a Director heading various aspects of product development, professional services and sales. Mr. Sarang handled customer field trials and deployment, which proved instrumental with Bytemobile’s first customer, Vodafone PLC. Prior to Bytemobile, Mr. Sarang served as a System Architect of Lucent Technologies. Mr. Sarang was involved with the core architecture team tasked with designing and developing Lucent’s next generation Any PathÔ Unified Messaging System, a carrier class Unified Messaging product for wire line and wireless networks. Mr. Sarang’s involvement spanned the product cycle from conceptualization to deployment at multiple carriers around the world. Mr. Sarang started his career designing embedded systems in the voice messaging industry and graduated to be an infrastructure architect with core expertise in security and messaging protocols. Mr. Sarang attended the Masters program in Computer Science at San Diego State University and has a BS in Computer Engineering from Karnatak University, India.

John Landau

John Landau has thirty years of experience in the global telecommunications and technology industries, and today serves as an advisor to Velankani, as well as an advisor to NetFoundry and Tata Communications and other companies. John served most recently as Senior Vice President of Technology and Service Development, Corporate Strategy Group at Tata Communications, where his tenure included roles as SVP Technology and Services Evolution, SVP, Global Managed Services, and VP Enterprise Services. John joined Tata Communications as part of the acquisition of VSNL’s communications business, where John lead the development of the company’s global connectivity, data center, and applications services portfolio for enterprises. John was SVP Product Management for ITXC, building the largest wholesale VoIP network in the world, which was acquired by Teleglobe. Previous roles included technology, product management and marketing positions for the Intel Communications Product Group, Dialogic, Benchmarq Microelectronics, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). He started his career in product management as Mostek Corporation in 1978. John and his wife live in Morristown, New Jersey.

Marc Hayden

Managing Director, Force Multiplier International, LLC

Marc Hayden is a technology executive with a career in telecommunications and networking that spans more than two decades and numerous regions including Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe as well as India and Asia Pacific.  In addition to his role with Force Multiplier International, Mr. Hayden currently serves as Vice President of Global Partners & Alliances with Sigma Systems. 

Most recently, Marc served as the President and CEO of genE, a leading Service Assurance Solutions provider. A history of applying his deep technical expertise and industry knowledge to grow revenue through solutions to complex service provider problems has led him to be a  frequent representative to the TM Forum and favorite speaker, thought leader and thinker in the broad network management, CSP and service assurance space. 

Mr. Hayden’s experience includes key executive positions at global telecommunications vendors and service providers like CHR Solutions, Redknee, Openet, ADC Telecommunications and Harris Corporation.

Mr. Hayden is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and earned his MBA from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business.  He currently serves on the board two non-profit organizations and on the board of the Marine Corps Cryptologic Association.

Velankani’s team prides itself on working collaboratively with our customers and our ecosystem partners as an advanced technology solutions community.

Whether we are building infrastructure or developing, testing and rolling out applications that contribute to our customers’ business success and bottom line results, we always aim to make it a seamless interaction.


Velankani’s Centers of Excellence are located in the US (Somerset, New Jersey) and India (Velankani Tech Park, Bangalore). We also have a development team located in Chennai, and work with partners in over 30 countries.

We employ hundreds of professionals across nearly every discipline, from software, systems and network engineers to product development and management professionals. We invest in training, developing and motivating the best talent in the market, constantly educating our teams, and providing leadership and career opportunities to outstanding individuals as we continue to grow.


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