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Velankani Communications Technologies Inc. (VCTI) today announced the release of version 4.0 of its flagshipproduct NOCVueTM . NOCVue simplifies telecom management across multivendor environments, providinga framework that can be added to any network or element management platform to provide operators real-time information in easy–to–monitor, easy–to–customize views.

VCTI has a readily available library of chassis views of various vendor equipment which can be integrated intoany application as plug-and–play.

At the same time, VCTI is introducing significant upgrades to QuickChassisViewsTM . VCTI currently supportsmodels of more than XXX chassis from XX manufacturers. Using QuickChassisViews, operators have real-timeviews of elements across multivendor networks as well as the ability to manage the networks through auniform interface.

NOCVue 4.0 release has the following key features:

1. Unified Management Platform with HTML 5 Support

With a robust adapter layer, this new release supports an EMS adapter layer to plug-in any vendor-specificEMS interface. Out of the box, NOCVue has been tested with WebNMS and

OpenNMS applications.

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NOCVue unified management software accesses disparate systems to provide a unified view

2. RESTbased APIs on the NBI

With well-defined ‘north bound’ REST–based APIs NOCVue supports easy integration into OSS/BSS applications.TM Forum standards are implemented to allow for easy integration and interoperability.

NOCVue 4.0 with HTML 5 dashboard view

3. Userbased Access Control

Access to network elements can now be assigned by operator, adding an additional layer of security formedium to large-scale service providers.

NOCVue 4.0 HTML 5 screens shows dashboards on various configurable parameters such as interface errors,resource utilization, port ingress/egress summary and device availability.

GIS support shows the connected devices across various locations.

QuickChassisViews 4.0 has the following key features:

1. RACK Views

QuickChassisViews can now be rendered in rack views, allowing operators to monitor any individual chassisview in real time across an enterprise or service provider network. This new feature will minimize themanagement and maintenance efforts needed.

2. Managed Object Dependencies

These are the enhancements within the models— the templates— to relate and create dependencies betweendifferent managed objects. This feature will reduce the development effort needed to write the correlationrules to map the incoming alarms to multiple affected managed objects.

3. 3D Views

This feature renders 3D visualization of the network elements. The user can rotate to view the front, back,top and bottom of the chassis using web–based user interface.

Example of rack views Rack #DC2LW1001 1st Floor, Data Centre 2, Left Wing. A typical rack view shows multiple QuickChassis views, with 3D visualization of the rack and individual chassis models, allowingoperators to visualize problems and solution.

QuickChassisViews also support APIs to help developers or system integrators associate actions such asmenus, single or double click operations on the managed objects and/or dependent objects. Different menuscan be associated to the same managed object based on access privileges.

About Velankani Communications Technologies

Velankani has provided solutions for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers forover 25 years. Formed in 2005, Velankani delivers carrier–grade solutions that are deployed in large networksand then upgraded through multiple releases. We understand real network behaviors and possess the subjectmatter expertise needed to make the appropriate technology, design and tool choices.

With corporate headquarters in Somerset, NJ, and a large technology campus in India, Velankani has the facilities and human resources needed to complete a full range of systems integration and software andhardware development projects for its growing clientele.

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