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Content Filtering Methods for Mobile Devices


In this time of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work, IT teams must create security policies and systems that allow these personal devices to access

Data Center Process Automation with Auto Remediation

Venugopal Gangadharan

In a typical data center Global Network Operations Center (GNOC). NOC operators monitor the network and applications being managed by a servic

Labeled BGP in Seamless MPLS Architecture

MPLS across networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) protocol provides a range of services in a very robust and efficient manner and supports a variety of access

Session Manager for a Telepresence Solution

Typical IMS network deployment

For multinational enterprise businesses, telepresence solutions offer the flexibility to collaborate from multiple geographies, crucial to critica

Ethernet compression solution for low bandwidth networks

To improve transmission efficiency, an OEM of satellite communication products needed to reduce the overall satellite bandwidth consumption of IP

Intelligent Site Management System

Cell sites form the core of the wireless network infrastructure.  Remotely monitoring and managing them is key to network operators maintaining t

Embracing Agile Practices in Testing

Every team member is a stakeholder on Agile projects

Agile project management is based on people and interactions over process and metrics. It is flexible enough to allow continuous integration and

Network Management Technologies: The Times They Are a-Changin’

Network management technologies are rapidly changing. Software solutions in common use today are being replaced by architecture solutions which prov

Mine your network software for business intelligence

Many existing network management architectures contain a wide range of data that would be useful but can’t be easily be accessed.  This pre-web

What is an EMS: a High Level Element Management System Company Tutorial

This blog post will provide a 30K foot view  to an Element Management System (EMS) tutorial. An element management system Company can be defined

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