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Offering unique services by adapting existing applications to cloud-based solutions.


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The NOCVue platform can efficiently and rapidly manage diverse smart city solutions and a whole range of other services. The platform also provides an IT Manager of Managers that merges the supervision of your complete infrastructure from a solitary console, laying the groundwork for a concrete customer – service-focused operations center. Through the control of a single unified service assurance solution, NOCVue enables you to automate, reorganize and combine your service management operations by uniting dissimilar tools and steering clear of silos. This considerably diminishes your costs and restructures your workflows. The SDN focuses on pioneering, revolutionary work to drive the networking industry forward.

NOCVue QuickChassis offers superlative operational fineness and sustainability for your IT, organization of high performance servers which can be used in several data centers. They tender incomparable response time and premium tech support on devoted servers managed by specialists. At Velankani, our precedence is high in caring for your applications online. Our promise to take full possession of a project has provided us with a clientele of some of the most renowned names in the industry who’s cloud software needs safe, recurrent hosting.

Velankani’s Chief Operating Officer, Vasanth Balakrishnan highlights in this CIO Review how NOCVue is creating a revolution in the telecom sector by accelerating value creation and delivering growth.