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  • Engineering/Consulting
We offer engineering consulting on full-product life cycle development and support of enterprise and carrier-grade products for the telecom industry. Our consulting model is flexible, so we’re able to deliver the help you need. Our ability to deliver end-to-end business solutions can’t be matched.Read more…
  • Software/Programming
Whether you require a new software solution or help upgrading and maintaining your legacy products and systems, we have the expertise and experience to provide the solution-—with an excellent ROI. We complete your work on time and on budget. Read more…
  • Cloud Solutions
Always focused on just-arriving and future technology solutions, Velankani is developing unique services by adapting existing applications to cloud-based solutions.Read more…
  • Target Markets

We provide component functionality and turnkey solutions for

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • System Integrators
  • Service Providers
  • Software Providers
  • Case Histories

Velankani's engineers bring a rich history of work in the telecom domain that has been reinforced and grown over the course of many client engagements and in-house projects. We’ve completed engagements for Read more…

Our Mission

At Velankani, we are committed to delivering world-class technical expertise and a wide range of product and service solutions to telecom industry customers. We meet customer requirements and exceed expectations by providing high quality services on time, every time.


  • NOCVue™

NOCVue is an industry leader among Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) products (EMS and NMS). This integrated software includes an advanced customizable GUI, network discovery, topology and links, fault, performance and configuration management, alarm and event reporting, and group role-based security plus optional Operations System Support (OSS) protocol adapter. Read more…

  • NOCVue CLI™

The NOCVue CLI is an element management software CLI framework, which allows engineers to develop CLI interface with ease and provides XML-based definition for simplified CLI maintenance. Commands can be custom defined using XML. Read more…

  • NOCVue PerformMan™

Using PerformMan, networking personnel can determine the quality of the network and how efficiently current network and network resources are performing. From a customizable performance dashboard, performance data can be monitored, threshold-crossing alerts defined and network problems quickly identified and handled. Read more…

  • NOCVue QuickChassis™

This network element vendor management system allows OEMs and systems integrators to rapidly develop a real-time visual representation of network elements and hardware configurations and render them in both a Web UI as well as a Java UI. QuickChassis shows an integrated, real-time graphic representation of hardware status through this cloud-based vendor management system. Read more…